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"Speakers that sound as good as they look"

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Electrical Specifications

  • Push button on/off
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with AptX (CD quality transmission)
  • Stereo L/R RCA inputs 
  • SNR 89.3 dB
  • 20 to 20,000 Hz frequency response
  • High Power 20W rms x 2 (Left/Right)
  • Low distortion amp (0.0299% THD)

 Acoustic Specifications

  • Dual 3” Full range frequency response speakers
  • 103 dB output at 1m
  • Under-hung voice coil for low distortion
  • Dual 3.5” bottom coupled radiators for deep bass extension
  • Powerful ceramic 30W rated high fidelity speaker

 Cabinet Specifications

  • 100% premium old growth reclaimed river wood
  • Non-toxic finishes
  • 12"L x 6"W x 6"H