Antique Modern Speaker - The Hudson by Riverwood Acoustics

What makes a speaker antique? Is it how old the parts are–inside and out? Or can it be a mix of new and old? We push the boundaries here at Riverwood Acoustics and offer you a new kind of antique speaker that you, your friends, and your family will love for years to come. Of course, we’re talking about The Riverwood Acoustics Hudson Bluetooth Speaker.

At Riverwood Acoustics, our speakers use Bluetooth with Qualcomm aptX™ technology for pure wireless sound, within a solid wood casing made from wood dating back at least 300 years. The timber we use is sourced from the bottom of the Ottawa River–perfectly preserved remnants of the bygone logging days. What we have done is hauled them up, kiln dried them, and crafted them to perfection. We’d say we’ve crafted an antique speaker with modern function.

The wood we use is rare and far more dense than any other wood available today. The Hudson offers our consumers a piece of history, while showcasing this wood’s unique acoustic ability to provide premium resonance and a warm sound that will continue to impress listeners for years to come.

Not only is the history and performance of our wood noteworthy, but its production is also highly sustainable. We are using what has been discarded and offering a green alternative to more deforestation.

Our internal technology has also been designed so that it can be repaired easily, preventing more waste from ending up in landfills and inevitably saving you more money. A lifetime warranty also guarantees worry free ownership for years to come.  The smart consumers demand new choices for their electronics to minimize impact on the environment. Think back to your grandparents home, their appliance used to last 30+ years. This is how electronics should be designed again. Here are a couple of great movements that are helping educate consumers on quality purchases ( and (  Twitter #righttorepair

The Hudson Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for tunes to relax around the house, have in the background during house parties, or even for small businesses who want to offer a cozy experience for their customers. Get the perfect bluetooth speaker for your unique experiences and see what it feels like to own a piece of history.

Find out more about our old growth, Hudson Bluetooth Speaker here - you won’t regret it.