Riverwood Acoustics is proud to partner with Unity Audio.  Their cables are a perfect acoustic match for our wired (speaker cables) or wireless speakers (RCA inputs).

Unity Cable

Unity Audio offers you reference quality cables that are handcrafted in Ottawa, Canada's capital. The Solid Link™ have stood the test of time by satisfying the most discriminating music lovers since 2005.  A portion of all sales goes to Canadian Cancer Society.

For our Hudson (wireless) if the user wants to connect a secondary source to the speaker they can use the RCA input instead of Bluetooth.  If you have a TV, Record player or CD player that you want to connect to here is a premium RCA cable. *External volume control required by connecting device

This cable uses a twisted pair of 18awg high purity solid core conductors with a foil shield to reject noise. Terminated with Furutech FP162 RCA connectors with high content lead-free SILVER solder



For our Madawaska (Bookshelf) speaker we recommend their premium speaker cable. Unity Audio’s Solid Link™ speaker cable is hand crafted in Canada using solid core high purity oxygen free high conductivity copper conductors, in a litz configuration to make an aggregate gauge of 12awg for each pole..  They are hand built to match your desired length.



This partnership is formed on a shared interest in high fidelity home audio that is handcrafted in North America.  By producing product locally and sustainably our local economy and environment will prosper. 


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