Q: Why does the speaker cost so much?

A:  Our building cost is substantially higher than the mass produced speakers overseas.  We handcraft our speakers in small batches in Renfrew County, Canada. We use only premium audio components and solid grade A1 rare solid birch reclaimed riverwood (old growth timber).  Check out our 5 star reviews on Google and Facebook from our many happy customers.

Each speaker is unique and built with the utmost care.  

Q: Where is your manufacturing located?

A: Our assembly shop is located in the heart of the downtown core of Renfrew, Ontario, Canada.  78% of all building components are within 150km of Renfrew to minimize impact on the environment and provide local sustainable jobs.

Q: Do you ship online?

A: Yes, the majority of our business is shipped using Canada Post Parcel service.  After order completion you can expect shipment to be completed within 1-3 days. Transit time varies on location

Q: Do you ship to Europe?

A: We have a partnership with Unity Audio to be able to ship our passive speakers (Madawaska) to Europe right now.  After we finalize more product designs, we plan on setting up EU shipping active products.


Q: Do you do Corporate Gifts and Partnerships?

A: Yes. We do corporate gifts and partnerships with discounts available for purchases of multiple units. Send an email to to learn more. 

Product / Wood / Return:

Q: Is the wood harvested sustainably to limit impact on the environment?

A: Our historic wood is retrieved by LogsEnd by their eco-drive team.  They have exclusive rights and have been doing so for 30 years. LogsEnd works closely with environmental groups and is a member of the Canadian Green Building Council.

Q: Is the wood rotten or full of insects?

A: Our wood is actually stronger, denser and considered the highest quality wood in the world.  It has been perfectly preserved at the bottom of the river for 100 years and is milled/kiln dried to our exact specifications.

Q: I had too many drinks and purchased you speaker online and now have rent to pay.

A: No problem, we offer a 30 day no questions asked return policy.  Just send return request to for return details.

Q: What is the return policy?  

A: We stand by our product design and manufacturing so much we offer a limited lifetime warranty.  If there is an issue with the speaker simply send it back and we will repair it for free. See our warranty tab for further info.

Q:  I love your product and want to resell your amazing brand.

A:  We offer affiliate sales program and can easily integrate into your existing sales platform.  Contact for more details.




Q: The sound quality isn’t doesn’t meet my expectations.

A: This typically is a configuration issue.  Every human has a different hearing spectrum and musical tastes.  By design we keep our speaker flat equalization to ensure a perfect starting point.  We recommend you adjust the connected device EQ. Please ensure you are using a high quality download or stream of the music you are playing.  


Q: How do I control the EQ on my phone?

A: Android, settings, sounds and vibrations, Advanced - Sound quality, and adjust EQ as required. If you are using stock Android you can download an audio EQ app.

For Apple users. Setting, Music, EQ and select the type of genre you prefer 

Note: Some devices do not have naitive EQ settings so downloading a free EQ app is best approach.


Q: I have adjusted EQ and I still cannot get the sound quality I desire.

A: Please try another connected device (tablet, phone, etc) and adjust EQ.  Some newer models of phones have better Bluetooth compressions such as AptX.


Q: When connected to Bluetooth and I am playing music sometimes the song pauses, chops or will not play next song.

A: Please disconnect Bluetooth on this device and try another connected device (tablet, phone, etc).  Typically as phones/devices get older the memory becomes full with your pictures, videos, apps and the internal cache becomes maximized.   You can also try transferring memory and cleaning out your phones cache if you want to continue to use the same device. 


Q: What is optimal positioning/location of the speaker. 

A:  We recommend you keep it at ear level if possible for the intended listening. We also recommend keeping approx 6-12” away from back wall for optimal bass positioning.  If you have small kids around don't forget to keep high enough out of their finger tips.


Q: Can I connect your wireless speaker up to my smart home network (Google Home, Amazon Alexa, etc)

A: Yes,  The easiest way to to connect our Riverwood speaker up as a Bluetooth device on your network.   We are creating an application note on how to do this now.

Q: Does you Bluetooth have AptX technology

A: Yes.  We use Bluetooth 4.2 with AptX technology for CD quality audio compression transfer.  Some phones do not however use AptX so it will revert to standard BT compression.


 Q:  Can you connect a record player or external device up to the Hudson

A:  Yes we have AUX RCA inputs that can be connected to the speaker.  Bluetooth will take priority but when not playing/connected to Bluetooth the AUX will takeover control automatically.  Note: See next question for AUX volume controls.


Q: The AUX inputs on the device do not have external volume control.  

A:  This is by design due for 2 reasons.  The first is we have a proprietary automatic switching between Bluetooth and AUX and Bluetooth has priority.  The majority of our users want the convenience of Bluetooth controlled volume on their device so it’s automatically set at full volume to be controllable by their device.  The second reason kept at full volume is there are wide spectrum of vinyl players which some have pre-amp built in and others do not. This usually then requires an external pre-amp that has volume control built it.  Some of the modern record players will have headphone out that can be directly connected to the AUX input and there will be a volume control on the vinyl player for that option.  


Q: Can you recommend some options for preamps in the ~$50 range.

A: There are many options on Amazon that fit this bill.  Look for one with low distortion, volume control, RCA input/outputs and gain if your vinyl player requires it.

 If you still have setup issues please don't hesitate to send email to and we will promptly reply.

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