The Process

It started over a century ago when the logs were floated down the Ottawa River during the 1800s great timber drive.  Many of these logs sunk to the bottom during the journey and lay at perfect preserved for over a century.

Speaker on Bookshelf


Riverwood Acoustics is proud to receive the Ottawa Network's Bootstrap Awards Green Award. "The winner demonstrates how their organization is striving to improve the environment through a combination of environmental and economic (commercial) sustainability."

Wooden Speaker

Press Kit

We at Riverwood Acoustics welcome your interest in our finely-crafted speakers. The assets and information provided below are free to use. You don't need to ask permission to use them, but we would like to hear from you in any case. Contact us through facebook or twitter and be sure to tag us with #riverwood.


Riverwood Speaker Endorsement

"Love the history and sound... It's got bass for days! We keep it in the kitchen and get the good mood in the morning "

- Jason Blaine (Country Music Artist/Songwriter)