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Dragons Den Bruce Croxon gives thumbs up for Riverwood Acoustics

We had the opportunity to have a 1 on 1 with Bruce Croxon from Dragons Den (Canadian version of Shark Tank).  Bruce is a high tech mogul that runs Round 13 a venture capital firm.  He absolutely loved our prototype speaker and is looking forward to getting one in his office/cottage.  Talking with him he says the key to entrepreneurship is to follow your passion.  His values seem to align well with ours as we both have a love for music and the environment.  Fingers crossed we can get his backing going forward.

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Startup Canada / Collab Space

Scott and I have just recently been attending Startup/Collab space events over the last couple week and already have been welcomed with open arms.  The Ottawa startup scene is a dynamic and interconnected group of young social entrepreneurs that have vision and drive second to none.  People go out of their way to make everyone feel welcomed and included in their amazing network they have grown organically over the years.  They have many industry contacts and can provide some guidance/mentoring that will only improve your chances of succeeding.  It is truly a team vibe where everyone helps everyone with ideas, networking and positive re-enforcement.  This week we were invited to the Startup Canada Ottawa awards banquet and plan on going...

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Indiegogo Exclusive

Crowdfunding Update:   Today we signed an exclusive with Indiegogo (crowdfunding platform leader) to be one of their featured product.  We are excited to announce the change from our pre-production sales channel from Kickstarter to Indiegogo.  Riverwood Acoustics welcomes Indiegogo to its family and can't wait to work closely with you.  We intend on going live with our project in September.  Stay tuned for more details and don't forget to signup to our newsletter for our limited early backer discount. #riverwoodacoustics #indiegogo  

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Proud Daddy Day

It was my sons kindergarten graduation day.  My little guy won the "David Suzuki" award for his love of the environment.  It a special daddy moment, as I remember as a small child watching "the nature of things" every week on CBC.     He has such amazing teachers that help foster his education outside of home life.  So lucky that we live in such a great community. 

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