Ben Seaman

Founder, CEO

For almost all his life, Ben has lived on the water, giving him a deep love for our waterways and environment.  

Now living on the Ottawa River with his family, Ben came up with his idea for RiverWood Accoustics after watching old timber logs drift onto the shore.  

Using his 20 years of design engineering experience in audio, digital, and acoustics with major loudspeaker companies, Ben set out to create a beautiful high-end speaker system while simultaneously protecting our environment.  

In Ben's spare time, he enjoys listening to music, boating, and spending time with his family.

Scott Rathwell


Growing up in the Ottawa Valley, Scott developed his love of the local woods and waters from a very young age. Now living with his family overlooking the Ottawa River and sprawling wooded hills, Scott is truly able to appreciate the beauty of nature. When Ben came to Scott with the idea of designing and building a speaker using 100% reclaimed river wood, he instantly knew he wanted to be a part of it.

Scott has an extensive engineering background in product development but, his real passion lies in woodworking. Scott spends most of his free time feeding his passion in the wood shop he built in his own home. This wood shop is now where Scott and Ben have hand-built all of their early prototypes and production ready enclosures.

Scott's other hobbies include summer sports, swimming, and camping with his family. He and his family love bringing their trailer to remote locations and taking in everything that the world has to offer.

Christa Lentz

Vice President of Sales

Christa has a wealth for sales experience leading top brands and teams across the retail/hospitality, automotive and medical sales industry for over 15 years.

This motivational mother of my three amazing teens has a true passion for music, people, the environment and the mindful movement.

She was given a backpack, bitten by the travel bug years ago and can’t ever seem to fill her travel appetite or stop her cravings to study more natural health/ healing practices around the world.

Christa thinks outside the box, writes a prescription for success and takes action suiting a massive smile and wild hair.

Her birthstone is a coffee bean and her true heart belongs to chocolate.

She grew up on the same riverbanks in the valley as the boys on the team spending all of her time on the hill or water.

“I'm so grateful to be back to my roots promoting something with real soul.”

Christa has a unique personality and positive vibe that is contagious. She loves to meet new people and chat. Reach out to her. I’m sure she will brighten your day.