"Love the history and sound... It's got bass for days!  We keep it in the kitchen and get the good mood in the morning "

- Jason Blaine  (Country Music Artist/Songwriter)




"The finish and aesthetics are quite unique, it inspires conversation"

- Ryan Hoover  (Product Hunt, CEO)

ryan hoover product hunt

"Perfect for my place in Nashville"

Brett Kissel  (Juno, CCMA award singer)



"Sounds Incredible"

Bruce Croxon (Dragons Den,BNN)




"I think it is the most modestly PERFECT speaker."

Peter Voith (Singer, Performer, Guitarist, Songwriter)

The minute I saw and heard "The Riverwood Acoustics" unit I instantly got excited about it. As a guitarist and recording artist, I think that the fundamentals of outstanding music creation and amplification are MOST greatly accentuated when the perfect combination of skillful artistry, exceptional materials and technology all join with TIME and SIMPLICITY to produce an instrument that can really speak...that evokes and amplifies the widest range of possible audible emotions while demanding a second look ...at what a GREAT "speaker".

The Riverwood creators' new take on "the speaker" is fit for a modern world of true music and design lovers of all ages that does EXACTLY what its designers hoped it would do while EXCEEDING consumer criteria of what a speaker should be.

I as a consumer I am but one example the proof. I think it is the most modestly PERFECT speaker. I look incredibly forward to HEARING and ADMIRING this truly innovative blend of classic carpentry, modern design and conduit of pure artistic interpretation as it becomes a permanent fixture in my home as well as my studio.



"First and most important is the quality of the sound…beautiful. Warm and bright, clear and precise, the sound this speaker makes is terrific especially given it’s small size. "

Marc Bru (Owner of Square Timber Brewing Company)



"It's warm sound and clarity are among the best I have ever heard. This things rocks!" 

Mark Enright (Owner of Neat Music and Coffee Shop in Burnstown, Ontario)