Home Acoustic Guidance

There are many things you can do to improve the acoustics of your home/condo.

Echo, Echo, Echo.  It is fundamental to add some absorbing material to your surroundings to dampen reverberation. Hard surfaces such as walls, hard flooring, glass, etc will provide a reflective surface for the sound waves.  A simple test is the "clap" as loud as you can and listen for an echo.  By adding dampening material such as carpets, curtains, furniture, bookshelf's and acoustic tiles you will help overall room sound dramatically.

Record music room

 Location.  A speaker is meant to be showcased in your home. So it's important to have it lined up as closely as possible to your ears.  If you main activity for listening is sitting watching some Netflix we recommend you put the driver located in line with your ears.  Alternatively if you are the social butterfly that host party's often we recommend putting a bit higher on a high table or mantle.  If possible try you can try various positions away from the wall to "tune" the bass response. Trial and error will apply here. There are some great apps that you can play (Audio tool by JJ Bunn) to complete audio sweeps and measurements on your smart phone.

 Pro Tip: Modern day smart phones coupled with external microphone can allow you to professionally tune your room.