Plastic vs Wooden - The quest for sonic perfection

A proper high fidelity speaker is created through balancing artistic style and engineering fundamentals.   When designing a speaker there are cost vs quality trade offs to be made.  At Riverwood Acoustics, we took a different approach to the modern day Bluetooth speaker and made it as high quality as possible.  

 We specifically selected premium "Riverwood / Old growth" timber due the following reasons:

1) The wood is 20-30% more dense than todays wood due to the fact it grew over a century ago in an ideal climate (low light and UV).  This causes the annular ring to be very dense and in turn creates a better cabinet for our solid wooden cabinet.  Plastic speakers are typically thin walled which causes flexing and  non-ideal resonances.

2) Think Green.  We make the entire enclosure from 100% reclaimed Riverwood which allows us to be sustainable and minimizes our carbon impact.  Being design and manufactured in the Ottawa Valley (Renfrew), Canada allows us to keep a tight control on quality and help support local economy.  Plastic speakers are typically made in China using toxic materials and shipped overseas.

3) Artistic Masterpiece.  The best industrial design will make the home user say "WOW".  We hear this from our Riverwood users on a daily basis.  The Hudson speaker design is sure to turn heads at your next home gathering as it does for so many.  What plastic speaker have you seen at a party and said what a beautiful speaker ... i'd put a bet on none.

Our ultimate goals was to incorporate the highest quality wooden cabinet and blend in amazing acoustic response.  Judging by our reviews that keep pouring in we know we hit the right musical cord.

Oh ya and one more thing.  We our so confident in our perfect design that we offer a limited LIFETIME warranty on our Hudson speaker.  Who else does this?

Enjoy the Riverwood!