Tired, Sad Day with Ottawa River flooding 2017

Over the last week or so we have noticed the river creep up inch by inch.  I kept saying that has to be it but then on Friday May 5th we got hammered by massive rains over the weekend.  I live in a small community with my family on the beautiful Ottawa river.  Luckily my house is about 100 feet away from the shoreline but others in my area were not so fortunate.  The community all along the river pitched in barricading sandbags around peoples houses and cottages.  Putting in as many pumps as possible to drain out the water.  Here is a picture taken around the corner.  Such a sad thing to see your friends fighting to save their house.  Talking with the old guys on the river, they have never seen levels like this as long as they lived.   I'm only 40 years old but after a couple of days off sandbagging i'm tired. Hope all affected speedy repairs to get their life back to normal.