Hi Fi Wireless Audio with aptX technology

There is a common misconception on that audio lovers have etched in their mind from the days of the vinyl record.  Bluetooth stereo have horrible sound.  This doesn't have to be the case.  With modern advancements in audio compression from Qualcomm aptX technology we can now enjoy CD quality digital sound.

Qualcomm aptX HD differs from its more common aptX classic version is support for “24-bit music quality” and performance that is “indistinguishable from high resolution audio”. The codec supports 24-bit 48 kHz LPCM audio data, up from 16-bit 48 kHz with classic aptX.

This puts the wireless transmission of the audio similar to CD level quality.  The biggest key differentiation will now be the acoustic design of the driver and enclosure system.

Key parameters to look for when buying a home wireless speaker.  Enclosure material, driver power handling, amplifier power and THD.  One thing we absolutely add as a must is passive radiators for deep bass extension.  Many companies will short come consumers with elaborate porting structure that will not have the same effects on deep bass and will cause an air disturbance in your speaker.

You should be looking for a long lasting speaker like we did during the audiophile revolution of the 1970/80s when we demanded build in north america quality.   


ProTIP: Ensure you smartphone or tablet supports aptX.  Ensure high quality audio files and if using Spotify enable the "Higher Quality Music" under settings/music quality download.