St. Lawrence

Wireless Speaker


Product Overview

Welcome to the Riverwood Acoustics family and congratulations on purchasing our premium home wireless speaker made locally of 100% reclaimed riverwood from the Ottawa River. This speaker has been designed for acoustic linearity and deep bass extension.


  • Grade A Solid ¾” Birch Historic Riverwood  

  • Non-Toxic Stain and Lacquer Protector 
  • Four High-Fidelity 3” Full-Range Drivers - Left/Right Stereo 
  • 3.5” Bottom-Fired Passive Radiators (x 4)  
  • Bluetooth 4.2 with aptX™ Technology for High-Definition Sound. 
  • Ultra-Efficient, Low Distortion 300W Amplifier 


    • HDMI ARC
    • Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX™ Technology


    This product is guaranteed to be free of defects or workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase. Contact for service. Visit for complete warranty details.


    Ensure that the POWER switch is in the OFF position before connecting the DC  power adapter. Only use the power adapter provided (DC 24V 5A) as the wrong  input voltage or amperage may damage the unit. 

    Plug the adapter into the DC INPUT port on the back of the speaker. Then plug  the power cord into an AC power outlet (100-240V). Now it’s safe to power on  your speaker. 

    You will hear a BEEP when the speaker is switched ON. A second beep occurs  when the speaker is connected via Bluetooth.

    Bluetooth Pairing Sequence

    The speaker is designed to accept a Bluetooth connection as soon as it is  powered on.  

    The ST. LAWRENCE model speaker will show up as “Riverwood” in the list of  devices you can connect to from your phone, tablet, or computer. 

    When the HDMI audio is also connected, the Bluetooth audio source has higher  priority. When Bluetooth audio is paused or Bluetooth is disconnected the  speaker will output the HDMI ARC out.

    HDMI ARC connection from TV to Riverwood (Audio Only)

    • Connect your TV HDMI(ARC) OUT Port to your Riverwood ARC HDMI Port   using an HDMI Cable
    • On your TV select HDMI ARC OUT as the Audio Source 
    • Adjust Delay as necessary to synchronize Audio stream from TV to SoundBar • Use TV volume to control Soundbar volume main level control 
    • Consult your owner’s manual for your TV with HDMI ARC for more setup information as every TV setup is different 
    • Subwoofer volume is located at the rear of the SoundBar. Set according to  your preference for low frequency content (i.e 20Hz-200Hz).

    Debug Tips:  

    Bluetooth will always take priority. Disconnect Bluetooth if you want to be  playing via HDMI 

    If audio does not pass, adjust the resolution of the TV to 1080P and below Adjust volume on TV to vary SoundBar volume 

    Audio Output Format NOTE: It is Incompatible Dolby AC3/ Dolby Digital Plus  etc., Please Set the Audio Output to PCM or LPCM on your TV 

    Compatibility - Compatible with All HDTV with ARC Function 

    If the ARC does not work, try unplugging the cable or change HDMI cable, wait  a few minutes to reconnect, and Turn on/o  the Soundbar with rear switch 

    If audio is out of sync of video adjust audio delay on your TV.


    We guarantee that you’re going to love your new St. Lawrence Bluetooth  speaker by Riverwood Acoustics. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you  may return this product within 30 days for a full-refund (less shipping costs).  

    Send an email to with any questions.