The wood we use in our speakers is what's known as "old growth" timber–harvested more than a century ago during the booming timber trade of the 1800s in the Ottawa Valley.

During this time, the Ottawa River served as main conduit for transporting countless logs destined for the sawmills.

Though some logs were so dense they never completed that voyage. 

This "riverwood" once grew hundreds of years ago under ideal conditions–thanks to lower light, cooler temperatures, and optimal soil conditions of the era. This resulted in a wood that is denser and tighter-grained than wood you find today.

These were some of the finest logs. They would have been prized even then by the tradesmen and craftsmen of the day. 

As it happens, the conditions at the bottom of the Ottawa River are just right for preservation. And so, our logs have waited in the cold and dark for over a century. Nearly forgotten. Until now.

Today, this riverwood is recovered from the depths of the Ottawa River by skilled eco-divers, kiln-dried, and hand-crafted by our team into a uniquely beautiful speaker that boasts unparalleled sound quality.


Acoustic Superiority

Ask any musician and they'll tell you: wood is simply unmatched when compared to other materials in terms of acoustics. Wood matters. Density imparts tone. The Hudson is heavy (at 9.5 pounds). We've painstakingly engineered The Hudson to take full advantage of the tonal quality of this riverwood and have achieved a state of awesome we can confidently claim is unrivaled. 

So, as you find yourself staring at pictures of The Hudson online and wondering if it sounds as good as it looks–we promise it sounds even better.